Why choose ITEX?

There is no better way to experience the US other than living and working there temporarily; and no better program to help you achieve that goal, than the Summer Work and Travel Program from ITEX.


The benefits of our programs include:

A unique way to experience life in the USA: Many international students visit the US, without actually experiencing what it means to live and work in this country. Your participation in ITEX programs, allows you to spend a long time in the US, in direct interaction with American and other international students. At the end of the period, you get a unique perspective on life in the US and will be able to develop a friendship with people from the US as well as from other countries.

An opportunity to explore the United States: US is a very large and diverse country. The Summer Work & Travel USA program from ITEX gives you the opportunity to explore the country for up to one month after completion of your work commitment. You have the freedom to visit any part of the US, if so desired.


Guaranteed job placement: With an excellent reputation among American employers, ITEX works with reliable, known companies in the US, which only allow participation in its programs to companies respected for their trajectory. Therefore, as part of our programs, you are guaranteed employment for the agreed time period.


Assistance in the J-1 Visa Process and other logistics: With ITEX, you do not have to worry about handling the visa process. We will assist you to get all the required documents and to make sure everything is arranged before arriving in the United States. ITEX will also offer in the package a health and accident insurance, advice on how to get a Social Security card and travel arrangements.


Orientation before coming to the US: When you travel to a new country and make contact with another culture, there is nothing better than receiving a complete orientation before leaving your home country, which will help you prepare for your stay in the US.



Help and support 24 hours: As a participant in the Summer Work & Travel EUA program from ITEX you have access to assistance and support in a general sense by our staff throughout your stay in the US. With ITEX, students will never feel abandoned. With a simple call to our hotline, all our students have access to emergency assistance, 24 hours, 7 days a week by ITEX and its affiliates.


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